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Monday, May 15, 2006

my survey report aobut the art

The theme of my survey is <>. We will see if the people like or not art in general. I think art is very important in the society and my future work is in art, that’s why I chose this theme.

My survey had 10 questions and all of them were based on the subject of art. All questions had different types of answers. Twenty-two people had responded to my survey by a little questionnaire.

The results are very surprising. I learned that all the people like arts. The cinema is more popular than the music, painting or sculpture. For the question three, I learned that the cinema is the first choice where the people go as a hobby. The theatre is the second, the dance third, music shows forth and art exposition is the last one. Half of the people do an artistic thing and they think art is important in the society. The majority think that the most important grade to learn art is primary. After it’s the secondary, the cegep and other. For the respondents, art is beautiful. In second place, the art help them to see over and or lately, art is other. For the great majority of the respondents, artists will be important in their future. Nine percent think is not important or they don’t know. The remainders were uncertain. The majority said ‘’why not’’ to the question ‘’ Do artists as important as scientists?’’ Yes in second choice, maybe in third and No in last. Many of the people said the government should subsidize artists. In the second place, the others did not know and the remainders said no.

With the answers, it is obvious that people like’s arts. They preferthe cinema, the sculpture and art expositions haven’t many votes. Half of the people do artistic things and the respondents think primary school is the best place to start to do art. Almost everyone think art is important in society and think that art is beautiful. Nobody thinks art is stupid. Everyone thinks art was as important as scientists and in the future, the artists will be important. Thus, people in majority think that the government should subsidize the artists.

In conclusion, I’m very surprised that people were that worried about the art. For me art is important and I think people should involue themselves and try to learn artist’s things but it’s my personal opinion. For me, art it’s my life, but all the people had a different choice and it’s interesting to see that people like art and they think art will be important in the future.

Monday, February 27, 2006

I live in St-Hubert. My town is relating to Longueuil. We have a Méga projet,it's a big park with a lake and bicycle road. In summer, it’s very beautiful because in the lake, there is a fountain. At the St-Jean, there is a big party in the Mega projet. Several groups of music give a show. In winter, we can go there to make a ski touring. Moreover, we have a bar, the Maximum. It’s a bar with many pool tables but it’s not very popular. Also, we have a Club Price, a Reno Depot and many restaurants. We have a shopping centre. It’s very small but in this centre we have a Library, a Dollorama, a Jean Coutu, a fish shop and a Metro. It’s the place to find what you seek. Also, in my town we have an high school André-Laurendeau. In this school, they have a big auditorium and I played a musical comedy on this room. Moreover, at two minutes of my home, there is a basketball court. Summer after summer, I pasted my day’s on the court. We have a skate park. In summer, the skaters always use this park. Between this park, there is a baseball ground. The amateurs of softball are they’re almost every evening. There are my town!